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New relax area
You can enjoy moments of relaxation and pleasant pampering with the new mini hydromassage pools, for an even more regenerating holiday, in a welcoming seafront hotel in Pulsano,
in the center of Puglia e where Salento begins.

MAYA hot tub

Well-defined lines and shapes for una hot tub with a contemporary design and captivating aesthetics: Maya GP designed by Marc Sadler is ready to bring out any indoor or outdoor environment, offering a small wellness corner in which to indulge without thoughts and experience maximum well-being, alone or in company.

piscina idromassaggio hotel Pulsano
Hotel Spa Taranto

FUSION hot tub

Designed by Marc Sadler, the Fusion Active 230 outdoor and indoor hot tub is the ideal choice for those who want to furnish their spaces with a modern and captivating design solution, where you can relax, alone or in company, and put aside the fatigue and tiredness of the day.

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