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Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known, it easily reaches the most hidden points by eliminating up to 99.98% of impurities, also thanks to its high oxidizing and sanitizing power , it manages to inactivate in a very short time (variable from a few seconds to a few minutes) any pathogen, virus, mold, fungus and allergens, in addition to reducing odors, even persistent ones.

We sanitize the rooms using OZONE to guarantee the highest level of HYGIENE AND SAFETY.

Nuvole rosa

Our structure consists of 10 studios all with direct access from the outside.

This means absence of corridors and shared passages for closed places.

The access to the rooms is therefore in total safety, guaranteeing our guests all the comfort necessary for a peaceful holiday.

Chiave nella serratura

Outdoor spaces are a guarantee of safety and it is also known that UV rays (the smallest part of the energy coming from the Sun) damage viruses

hopelessly enough to make them inactive and unable to reproduce.

We offer you the opportunity to dine on our large terrace overlooking the sea, guaranteeing you the correct social distancing and also enjoying your breakfast in complete safety.

Finally, do not forget also the possibility of using the kitchenette in our rooms ...


Remember that with us it is sufficient to open the front door to find yourself directly on one of the most splendid bays of Salento.

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